List of Tuttle Community Services

City Council
Mayor - Randy Sand (701) 867-2513
Council Members - Norman Heupel, DeLila Larson, Marvin Rath, David Haverkamp
City Auditor - Laura Allen
Meetings - 1st Monday of every month at the Town Hall

City Park
Playground equipment, picnic shelters & tables, bathrooms (available in summer), and camping hookups

Contact Delila Larson (701) 867-2871

Tuttle Fire Protection District
Chris Gerr - President (701) 867-2899

Norman Heupel - Fire Chief
Loren Krein- Vice President
Norman Bickel - Sec/Treas
Board Members - Galen Zerr, Hal Sathre

Meetings - last Monday of every month

Town Hall
Available to rent for meetings and special occasions.

Contact Delila Larson (701) 867-2871

Post Office
208 Main St N
(701) 867-2872

Tuttle Senior Center

300 Main St N
Cindy Trautmann, Manager and Outreach

Center is available for rent
Contract Anita Wagner (701) 867-2725

Senior Citizens Services: Title 3 meals 5 days a week - Transit Bus - Kidder County Health Unit on Thursdays

Meetings - 1st Thursday of the month
Carl Wagner - President

Affordable Housing

6 one bedroom apartments

Contact: Diane Larson (701) 867-2535
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Tuttle Public School
Tuttle School was closed in May 2007.
Memories and information about its history can be found at the following link: