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The small town of Tuttle, located an hour north-east of Bismarck near the geographic center of North Dakota, has been home to many people for nearly a hundred years. Tuttle was founded in 1911 by Colonel William P. Tuttle, an official with the Dakota Land & Town site Company. Col. Tuttle took great pride in the town that was his namesake. He even donated to the Tuttle Baseball Club for the purchase of their first baseball uniforms.

The land surrounding Tuttle was settled by homestead families, most of whom were Scandinavian or German Russian. Many of their descendants still farm and ranch the land around Tuttle today. Their strong cultural influence is still seen in the culinary specialties of knoephla soup, lutefisk, lefse, fleisch kuechle, strudels and kuchen served by local families and available in the community store or café.

Located in the Prairie Pothole Region and the Central Flyway, Tuttle is truly a hunter's paradise. Hunters come to this region from around the country for the abundance of ducks, pheasants, grouse, and white-tail deer. Lake Josephine and Cherry Lake are also nearby, and provide the region with great fishing and boating. Every Fourth of July weekend, the lake's campgrounds are filled with families enjoying the fishing and nightly fireworks. Each January, Lake Josephine is home to an ice-fishing derby, drawing contenders from throughout the state hoping to catch the winning walleye or northern pike. Tuttle has a well-kept park, located on Main Street, that has picnic and camping area. More information on activities in the Tuttle area can be found on the Recreation page.

Although Tuttle is a small town it still has many businesses, that are privately owned or community owned. Check out the Business page of this Website.

Despite the many challenges facing small towns in rural America, Tuttle has held onto its identity and vitality over the years through a strong community spirit and the continual commitment of its residents. Tuttle remains a peaceful, family-oriented town that nevertheless enjoys an occasional street dance or potluck. Visitors from near and far have always been warmly welcomed to this "Small Town with a Big Heart".

Tuttle is located in virtually the center of North Dakota.
Time Zone: Central - Elevation: 1,860 feet
County: Kidder - Zip Code: 58488 - Area Code: 701

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photos by Jason Wermager